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Resources for Community Currency Activists

If you would like to know more about local currencies, here are some excellent websites and other resources. Included are a number of websites which are not directly focused on money, but related to global transformation. The Books, Videos, Periodicals, and Media lists relate to both community currencies as well as global change.

Organizations/Local Currency Related Sites

  • Ithaca HOURS

  • BerkShares!

  • LETSystems

  • E.F. Schumacher Society

  • Time Dollar Institute

  • Reinventing Money
    Community Information Resource Center

  • Community Currencies in Asia, Africa and Latin America

  • The Gigafree Network Listing of Barter Exchanges Worldwide

  • Global Barter Network in Argentina

  • Bernard Lietaer

  • Main Street Cash - Community Currency

  • Prosperity- Freedom From Debt Slavery
    The Bromsgrove Group

  • Money - Past, Present & Future

  • The Two Faces of Money

  • Fourth Corner Exchange

  • Barataria

  • Community Currency in Thailand

  • Friendly Favors

  • Ukiah Hours

  • Southern Oregon Time Bank

  • Story of a Lost Civilization
  • The Chaordic Alliance

  • The American Monetary Institute
    Actively holding monetary reform conferences on a yearly basis since 2005, the AMI has labored to refine The Monetary Reform and Financial Security Bill which should be introduced into Congress this year.

  • Council on Spiritual, Psychological, Economic Renewal

  • Natural Money

  • MetaCurrency Project
    Working on creating information technology which empowers us equitably -- that is decentralized, peer-to-peer and operates by mutual agreement.

  • Institute for Economic Democracy

  • Global Resource Bank

  • Community Currencies

  • International Journal of Community Currency Research

  • Public Banking Institute

  • Green Money Network

  • Global Exchange

  • Debt Relief Now- A week of Action against Global Debt

  • The Simultaneous Policy

  • Genuine Freedom
  • Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens
  • Beyond the Matrix-Find Silvio Gesell
  • Hazel Henderson

  • Ethical Markets
  • Love or Money.org

  • The Gift Economy

  • Catherine Austin Fitt's Solari

  • John Turmel's Global Online Unilets

  • Max Keiser's website- highly recommended.

  • Bear-River-Dollar

  • Norfed- The Liberty Dollar

  • Value for People
  • YES! A Journal of Positive Futures :


    Additional Resources for Activists




  • Life on the Edge of a Bubble- Blowing the American Dream

  • The Money Fix

  • Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh,

  • Money/L'Argent

  • Money as Debt

  • Giving For Giving
  • From Freedom to Fascism
  • Who Repealed the Glass-Steagall Act?
  • The Money Game "The People Vs The Banks

  • The Money Masters- How International Bankers Gain Control of America

  • Nationalize the Fed. - End Banks Power to Create Money

  • Money to The People - NOT to Banks

  • In Debt We Trust

  • Life Inc The Movie

  • Malian Gift Economy

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