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Dick Distelhorst Plan for Monetary Reform

Monetary reformer, Richard Distelhorst, of Burlington Iowa, passed away on Saturday, February 19th 2011 in his 90th year of life.

Dick was born August 24, 1921 in Burlington. He was a member of S.S. John & Paul Catholic Church, a former Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, former Chairman of the local Service Corps of Retired Executives, an active member of the Burlington Kiwanis Club, Treasurer of the Des Moines County Democratic Party, Chairman of the Burlington Alliance for Citizen Action, and Chapter Leader of the Burlington, Iowa Chapter of the American Monetary Institute. He is succeeded by his son and daughter, Daniel Distelhorst and Rita Mowen, four grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

Dick was always a great and passionate help to all of us in getting the facts on the Federal Reserve, and formulating policies and strategies for achieving monetary reform.

The October 8th, 2010 Community Currency radio show on Monetary Reform featuring Dick Distelhorst and Robert Poteat is archived here.

Dick Distelhorst’s Resources for Advocacy

Handout to Recruit the People as Advocates to Congresspeople for the NEED Act

Viral Email to Recruit the People as Advocates to Congresspeople for the NEED Act

The Way Out, A Speech to Civic Organizations and Congresspeople for the NEED Act

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