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Annual Christmas Letter to Friends and Family
January 3, 2007
Palo Alto, California

Dear friends and family,

         Last year I wrote a Christmas letter that I never got around to mailing, except to a few local folks, because of my decision to run for Congress, and a last minute decision to hold a rally for Truth, Peace, Justice on the anniversary of our marches on Eshoo’s office, demanding a congressional investigation of 9/11, and a year later an end to the 9/11 cover-up, pre-emptive impeachment, repeal of the Patriot Act (January 15, 2006 which also is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday). Eshoo’s failure to support impeachment, her support of the official 9/11 narrative and the expansion of the intelligence agencies, the Global Police State… were catalysts for my decision to challenge her in the press and at the ballot box, by raising the 9/11 Truth, Impeachment, and Peace issues.

         2006 was a very busy year for me, and I never caught up on my mail, nor mailing list, in fact I never even got around to telling all my friends and family about my Congressional race or asking for their financial support. However, we did have some success in raising the 9/11 Truth issue and breaking through the mainstream press barrier. The 9/11 Truth Movement and the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t buy the official lie, is finally something to be found in the press. More and more, people are overcoming their fears, and joining the ever growing, intertwined movements for truth, peace, and justice.

         2006 was also a year of major transitions for my family. Jules graduated from high school in June and began his first year at Oberlin in the fall. Jean-Luc’s family sold the family chalet on the lake where we have spent two weeks nearly every Christmas and summer, since Jules was born, with the Brouillet family.

         We actually just returned from Canada late last night (after a couple of delays in Montreal and Newark) after spending a couple of weeks in a rented chalet, where we hosted the Brouillet Christmas dinner. We missed Jean-Luc’s parents (who usually were with us most of our vacations- giving us ample time to visit and talk at leisure). We were able to have them over at our place, and visit with them at their new place in Montreal, and spend some time with the rest of the family, but we spent most of the time by ourselves- playing, feasting, talking, walking, reunited with Jules.

         So- now we have three teenage boys! Jules being 18, Jeremy is 16 and Daniel turned 13; and this year- I will be half a century old- and hope to have another big birthday bash- like the one I held when I turned 40 (But that will wait til next August- there is plenty to do between now and then!!)

         The other major transition last year was Jean-Luc’s decision to leave Inxight and join Google. I think he is happier at Google, but feeling the pressure to “perform” and put in more extra hours. The best things about it are that he can easily bicycle to work and they serve free, healthy, gourmet food. Of course the downside is- the extra weight that many Google employees put on because of the food- all the more reason to bicycle! It did make it easier on me last year, because I could feed the kids early (when I had meetings or events in the evenings- and I knew Jean-Luc would not starve and could eat at Google). Also when I go away to conferences, he could take the kids to work occasionally to feed them- and they like the food! I did post last year’s Christmas letter on my website at- http://www.communitycurrency.org/xmas2005.html.

         Obviously, I didn’t do all that I had hoped to do last year. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with the Congressional campaign- all the legal hoops, forms, paperwork that I had to deal with. I gathered signatures to get on the ballot with the help of Green Party activists, and easily won the uncontested primary as the only Green candidate. However, I continued to do my 9/11 activism and help organize rallies, marches, events, protests… including an event called 9/11- A Call to Activism held at the Grand Lake Theater in February, a contingent in the March anti-war rally where we passed out thousands of cards about the upcoming events- including David Ray Griffin’s three Bay Area talks on 9/11- The Myth and the Reality. Plus there were a couple of protests against Bush- including one at Stanford where we actually prevented him from meeting with people at the Hoover Institute (and I got my first mention as a Congressional Candidate in the Stanford Daily). Generally though, the press would ignore my candidacy and the issues, or if I got coverage- they would omit the fact that I was a candidate.

         My campaign manager suddenly quit on me in April, just before I was going to send out a mailing for the campaign. I decided to put my energies into helping organize and publicize a major 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago which actually helped the movement a lot. NBC came to my house and interviewed me for 45 minutes and did a piece which drew attention to the movement, the upcoming conference and helped pull people to our point of view. The New York Times covered the Rally in Chicago (which Gary Franchi, a local activist, and I organized) and the conference. We also had a Zogby Poll done that showed a greater number of Americans questioning the official story, desiring a real investigation, and less trusting of the media.

         The family demanded most of my attention during the summer, but I did some organizing around 9/11 films, and anti-war rallies in August, and a lot of press work for the multitude of 9/11 Truth events that took place in September – including our annual 9/11 Truth Parade to the 911 Power to the Peaceful Concert, a 9/11 Truth Film Festival, a premiere and showings of 9/11 Press for Truth, and a KPFA/Pacifica event entitled- 9/11 and American Empire- Intellectuals Speak Out which featured David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Kevin Ryan, Ray McGovern and Peter Phillips that was filmed and shown on C-Span.

         At that time, I was still trying to get Blaine to finish version #9 of the Deception Dollar and to get a Conception Dollar made for my Congressional Campaign. He never finished the Conception Dollar in a timely fashion- and I had to let go of the idea- when we ran out of Deception Dollars, and needed them for a big protest on October 5th , that was organized by World Can’t Wait- and included an all night vigil. This time we printed 660,000 bills, and I think they are moving rather quickly. There are so many protests and so much organizing going on now.

         However in October, with only $1000 in my Campaign coffers, we decided to put our time and energy (and $2000 from the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance) into breaking the 9/11 Truth issue into the local press with a premiere of 9/11 Press for Truth in Palo Alto, followed by a talk with the film’s hero- Paul Thompson, and Professor Peter Dale Scott (co-editor with David Ray Griffin of 9/11 and American Empire). We had the essential ingredients for breaking a local, national, and international story, but the event only drew between 200 and 300 people and got a front page story in the Stanford Daily, and on the local high school paper website, but was ignored by the rest of the media.

         At least the Green Party and I did get good TV coverage from Channel 2 for our local candidate’s forum, and I also was able to make candidate statements on a few local television stations, but my existence and candidacy was basically ignored completely by the local press- so few people realized that I was running or were aware of the issues. I did get invited to emcee a couple of great 9/11 Truth events in Colorado in October with Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Kevin Barrett- three of my heroes- which was great fun! I got about two percent of the vote (over 4,500 votes) which is pretty typical for a Green Party candidate.

         In November after the election, and after the big Scientific 9/11 Truth Conference at UC Berkeley that took place on the following weekend, I was momentarily able to relax, take a few walks again, vacuum the house for the first time that year (The kids had been doing it prior to November). However, many of us couldn’t resist putting together an event in December, inspired by the Boston 9/11 Truth group, who had a brilliant idea and organized a Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth on the 233rd Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. We did an action in solidarity, in costume, with some great props- including an awesome 12’ x 8’ x 2’ replica of the rejected 9/11 Commission Report with enormous holes in it. We threw another large replica of the Report into the Bay, rejecting it and demanding a real investigation of 9/11. The photos and videos are great and we got good coverage on the local KPIX Channel 5 television station. However, I was so busy organizing that I forgot completely about when we were leaving for Canada, and so I left with loose ends dangling, not even finding time to do a decent write-up about our action.

         It seems like the more there is to do- the less time there is to do it, and the days just disappear at an amazing rate, and I am never able to catch up with my mail, email, phone calls, commitments, website… I still need to update the calendar, add events… I have a couple radio shows, a talk to do this month, plus the National Conference on Media Reform, and a big anti-war rally on the 27th, and next month is a big 9/11 Ttruth conference in Arizona which I would like to help with- but so far I just haven’t had time- dealing with the more immediate local and family demands. I am still holding my weekly Listening Project vigils in Downtown Palo Alto every Wednesday. I can’t help feeling we are winning over the vast majority of the public- despite the media – as we become, increasingly, the most hopeful aspect of the communications revolution, that is occurring at this moment in time.

         Wishing you good health, much happiness and courage for the coming year!

                        Love, Carol

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