Feb. 15th, 2003
by MalcontentX

We are gathered here today,
in numbers that
fill this heart with hope
and strength
to face the great weight
of tasks which lie before us.

Tens of thousands
stretch out as far as the eye can see;
tens of thousands more,
'round corners, in cities near and far,
circling the globe.

There's young and old,
every shape and size, colour of skin,
a sea of signs to make you think,
laugh, rejoice: a diversity
and freedom of thought
beyond words.

Beyond our millions,
many millions more
would be here today
but for the demands of the daily
grind that never seem too far behind.

In their tens of thousands too,
our elderly sit in lonely silence,
or lie in wretched waste,
waiting for a miracle to raise them
from the colossal neglect that
condemns an equal number of children
to a lifetime of cyclical destruction
and despair.

We are here to say
that the world has been changed forever, today;
though the movement may seem still
painfully slow, it is now
only a matter of time
before a tender transformation
touches every colour and construct of life
on this precious planet,
as it has now touched us.

We who are gathered here today
are a special breed, (in a way)
-commoners, all-
but for a willingness
to step outside the
security-blanket our
leaders offer us, (in return for
our ignorance of what they do to
others in our name).
If only for a brief moment, we
have each looked inside ourselves to say,
"there must be something more."

From this place of soul
a whole universe of possibilities
opens... which
no politician,
no TV personality,
no popularity poll can
diminish, save that
we allow little things to
cast seeds of doubt in our mind.

Greatness resides
in the remembrance
of a simple truth:
belief precedes behaviour;
and the smallest act and gesture
reflects the being by which we
begin to change the world... the moment
we believe it to be so.

This does not make it easy;
nor realized in isolation;
for the simplest truth
is that we are all connected.
You who believe there is enough
for all to be fed; you who believe there is
love enough to receive your greatest good;
you who believe a better world is
possible, thank you.
You have not had an easy
time... holding space for unity
in the midst of division, disparity, and
dissent; yet it is working,
and becoming easier to
see all the time.

By your belief, behaviour, being,
you have nurtured the flower of humanity,
that it blooms now before us in
unparalleled colours; in what is
but a beautiful beginning.
Take care, campaneros:
retain this unity wherever you go.
Return this sense of connection
to the run of your
daily lives, intact;
and the transformation
will be at hand
in ever greater constancy
and strength, as sure as
the feeling fills you,
standing here today.

Greatness says
seize upon the significance
of ordinary acts. Cast off the
the corporate derision, the denial of
deeds that daily pours forth from the
money'd-media; and also be aware
of the roots by which small-minded men and
women have come to positions of great power:
ancient greatness, grown arrogant;
a cancerous fabric sewn in our
midst, cycling through various
civilizations -now emerging
as destiny
on a grand scale.

We need not seek power;
neither need we fear the
feel of it running through our bones;
for, as one with the people,
we ARE the power; and we
bring our inter-connection,
our diverse solidarity, into
ever-more visible expression
through every act, gesture, breath.

It is now only a matter of time.

From a million-plus points on earth
a community is rising
on the conscious connection
forged from within which
we forget, now,
no more..
going forth....
on this day...
we celebrate
the first day of this,
our lasting transformation.