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Organizing Party - Easter Sunday...

As winter turns into spring, as we gear up for the upcoming primary election, as we finalize the art and materials for the upcoming printings, we are also holding an organizing party for the "Occupy Congress" campaign. The party will include music, cookies, food, and a chance to meet candidate, staff, volunteers, friends, supporters and to join in and support our efforts.

The party will be held at -

The Clubhouse

505 Cypress Point Drive in Mountain View.

Turn off of Moffett onto Cypress Point Dr. Just past the third driveway on the right is the clubhouse with a big sign that says "505 Cypress Point" Map:

It is Spring; it is the Year of the Cooperatives. I hope that we can find more people to work with to creatively come up with messaging, models, art, actions, events that can help in the transformative work.

I posted an essay entitled Intelligence Versus Insanity recently at the Peace Portal, which is a great networking site for dedicated peace activists, which really continues my internal challenge of where to draw the boundaries between myself, my husband, my children, my friends, my community, my country, my world, and the greater Universe.