Your Revolution
Is in Grave Danger
by MalcontentX

Do not be fooled, oh ancient folk,
by the tyrant's age-old smoke:
the soothing, smooth stroke which lulls
you to a false sense of hope,
and paves the ground on which
your every sweet sound shall
soon swing swift by the rope.

The regime of the
club and the gun,
(Mubarak) not yet done...
just curled in its claws for to
strike with fangs bare...
so soon as you lose your
grip on Liberation Square.

Look now, before the time has passed
before the glory you've amassed
would fade to a distant dream;
for the shift that starts small,
soon seems like a wall;
then comes in the form of a scream.

Hear me, Oh Egypt,
that you may learn and
turn the terrible tide that
swells beneath the beauty
in your eyes;

In the midst of your glory,
while the world stood amazed,
you thought you'd earned a moment's peace.
In your innocent trust, you'd say, "the army,
they MUST want the madness to cease."

And before you could get
but a good night's sleep,
(a-turning a momentus page)
the "new" Chiefs (full of praise) wait not but two days...
to take down the tents of 'the town' by
which you clung to your claim and
came to the world's greatest stage.

Then they threaten arrest
to those who protest,
"The traffic lanes must be clear."
Banning strikes? Who do they fear?-"a
threat to "order"? Aljezeera:
"No more a view of Tahrir."

In these few signs lay the first in a line of
tactics, to wither your will to come out;
and while the wind of today might still seem okay,
a storm-cloud is brewing throughout.
Your little retreat, on a slope getting steep,
then a chaos will fall to the street:
a war unforeseen, a madness obscene,
calmed by the army's brute fist?
A shedding of blood... like fields caked with mud
to make the days of Mubarak seem like
a slap on the wrist.

Now, to good decent folk this might seem but a joke;
for the tyrant's tight yoke seems so pointless,
unhelpful and cruel;
and when fin'lly... we arrive, to a nation alive,
turning back's the work of a jerk
who's worse than a fool;
but the beastly machine does not stop being mean,
when you dare to poke it in the eye:
it turns quick the cheek... claims a new 'right' for to speak;
and with promises cagey and sly,
plots a vengeance satanic, to still their own panic,
that one day, they might have to pay in the
tooth, groin, then die;
for still-haunted are they who oversaw ways
of inventing a long... tortured cry.

So yes, it's hard to believe,
this madness they weave,
when the thug and the cop, the
smug pen and the pop star and
the badge at the top... all
do combine to refine a machine and
its murderous crop, (only showing
its full, fascist face when
the people say "STOP!!")

Alas, they would bring on the bombing of many a Mosque;
then blame the would-be cast on the good;
'tis a method the 'Brits' thought "superia";
then Amerika n' France did the same bloody dance
and called it 'Program Algeria.'

In short, we could say... in a calm, cogent way...
it comes down to one simple fact:
either you push this revolt through to
rout out every hue of
the regime and its habits of hate;
or the counter-revolt, with a snarl then a jolt will
let loose its great weight in the
in the shape of a blood-crazed dog;
then say goodbye to your "rights" in the
midst of the fog;
now, you're the FOOD on its plate.

Now Egypt, I know, you can't sink so low,
as to live in the mind of a snake
but perhaps you can see, what has made you now free,
and from this nightmare... awake.

Let us speak plain.

Please understand, you many millions who
yearn for freedom... who came into the
streets to claim your place in history,
that it was those ten-thousand in the center
of the square... who fought, died, and lived on
to press a demand from which they did not
retreat... who gave you the chance to grow
in strength, until you believed in
yourself, and achieved
'the impossible.'

Because these valiant heroes
refused to be moved
from the square...
neither by violent thugs,
nor military pleas,
nor ignorance on the part of those who said,
"you've done enough";
nor those presuming to "talk" for us...
the revolution yet cried out, courageous,
gasping for breath as the blood in your bodies
moved you to the square in your millions... still unsure,
bursting to full life only when you see a
weeping Wael Ghonim on national TV,
whose purity of joy and sorrow moves you more,
to hear the call:keep pushing the regime;
go there, and claim your little place of Liberation
as if your lives depend on it.

And out you came
in numbers delirious, jubilent, unstoppable;
and when the tyrants Mubarak and Suleiman spoke,
you broke the laces on your shoes raising them in the air with
an anger loud n' proud yet fair; and you
set your eyes on the next day's task:
expand 'The Square' to surround every circle and station
of power... State TV, the tyrant's palace;
and when the workers came out on strike:
here was the spike that drove them to relent,
to say the puppet was spent,
and so it went.

But do not be deceived that the regime
has been dislodged in any serious way:
they've merely dumped the faded figure-head, the
sickened symbol of their power.
The murderous machine remains, lying low,
biding its time so's to lull us into
a false comfort... a forgetting of
what brought us to this moment great...
the key that loosened the door:
our physical claim of symbolic space,
"'til we get what we're asking for."

Among them...
respect, free-speech,
basic human rights, as
YOU define them.

Oh Egypt, do not abandon those
who did not abandon you when all would have been lost;
do not let your ears turn deaf to those who would
continue to defend this, our bridge unto the
new world... awaiting your loyal hand.
Don't let politicos convince you that
"negotiations" are going well;
for many are those who might think
they know best, yet... are willing to
work with the smooth-talking
beast to get it.

Do not be confused by even the
noble Wael Ghonim, who would
have us trust the military;
for, it does no dishonour to the man
to say he's capable of a grievous strategical
error; just as it does no dishonour to the
many decent soldiers... to say their top
commanders are filthy-rich fascists intent
on keeping the power to which they've become
accustomed, (instructions flowing down from
their imperial masters).

In truth, the military stepped in to STOP
your revolution before it could get too big to
be stopped... before your belief in yourself
became too strong.

They INTERRUPTED the process.
They "interfered," (as El Baradei asked them to).

Don't let them deceive you to
think you've already done enough, that
it's time to stop the protests, to go home..
get "back to work!" "leave the Square," as if
it no longer matters; when what they want is to
dis-connect you from the pivot
of your MOMENTUM.

This, the regime understands very well.

Your occupation of the square was the key.

Look at what your
youth brought you in
18 short days... with your support.

Surely you must know their unshakeable
commitment stemmed from many years of
investigation, struggle, solidarity.
Indeed, while you were struggling to survive, to raise
a family and maintain a decent heart amidst
the filth of fortress-Mubarak, these
young ones were shattering their illusions,
they were moving past the outer cloak of
"patriotism," "loyalty," "honor"... (upon which
the regime relies to color our eyes)
to grasp the real content that comes from
within and spreads forth in actions that
change history.

Does it take years of learning
to remind you how the Egyptian military feeds
off a billion+ American dollars per year?
That Amerika Inc. (and the EU, U.N., IMF, etc.) has
installed brutal dictators throughout the
middle east for to secure access to cheap
oil and blood, sweat and tears?
That Israel is the guard-dog-state
overlooking this regional rape,
using its own citizens as cannon-fodder
much like your own?

This is the model repeated
throughout the world

Do you seriously think Americka and its network of
well-paid thugs in Egypt are going to let
you change all that?
Without doing everything they can do
to turn the tide around?
As they have done with nearly every
other so-called "revolution" we've seen
in the last fifty years?

And do you know that empires always fall?
That tyranny and lies create the
seeds of their own destruction?

Would it surprise you
to know that we human beings
have reached a unique point on
our evolutionary path?
That we stand at the doorway
of a breakthrough into love, peace,
and understanding... foreseen since
ancient times?
And that you, noble Egypt,
could become the critical catalyst,
the tipping-point
for this transformation on
a global scale?

A grand human liberation... in our time.

And here, let us be clear:
if you follow this noble path...
if you're able to bring the army
under civilian control; and thus, able to
break free of the grip Amerika has on your politics,
then you will have to deal with its economic grip; for,
among many things, Egypt, you depend on Amerikan "aid" for
half your grain.

If Amerika Inc. loses control, they
can and will wreck your economy; for above all,
they need to ensure that no example exists...
of a positive alternative (to their rule);
and the only way you can avoid this
turning-of-the-screws-'till-you-starve, brave Egypt,
is by the
fiercely non-violent nature of your revolt,
which simply and effectively shames the
American Elite to express its support, (lest they
arouse their own citizens to the hypocracy)...
lest they arouse bitter protest and
revolt throughout the WORLD...
if they dare to cut you down.

T'is the beauty of your battle
that makes it winnable.

Your only hope for a peaceful, stable
time of mass transformation,
(uprooting the real source of disorder)
is to continue amassing in numbers and ways for
which the system has no answer.

And the key to this peaceful
tidal wave of change is your
unity in the midst of great diversity; for
diverse strikes and protests can be
isolated and picked off... "one by one."
Only with a unified base can
your many initiatives come
together with overwhelming
force: a unity, such as
you achieved in your
ongoing occupation
of Liberation

My dear friends, if you don't trust your own
grasp of the facts, sufficient to rise in revolt today,
(to peacefully occupy every street and factory and
school and tv station... until
EVERYONE knows who's REALLY in charge);
if you cannot shake yourself free
from WANTING to trust "the military,"
can you at least trust in the
wisdom of your youth that opened, in you, a truth,
and... needs you now to bring yourselves near
and re-build that tender/slender state
amidst the gates of Tahrir?

For, your heroes today are
in grave danger.

The regime knows them by name and
photograph. The less-known are being
picked off "one by one."
The thousands of arrested
political-prisoners still have
not been released... because you
no longer have your unified
presence with which to MAKE the
regime move on your demands.

So go now, good people...
today, tomorrow,
and in the days to come;
and make there a living shrine
to the finest of human virtues,
a tribute to the fallen...
that will not fall.

Build up the tents,
bring back the circus,
the face-painting, the
street-vendors plying their trade;
make it better, cleaner than before,
and make the damned cars go elsewhere if need be;
for if the transformation of an entire
society, the awakening of a whole
region... humanity... is not worth
some inconvenienced traffic,
what hope can there be?

make now your Square a living
library of love and understanding...
a university in the struggle against tyranny
to which all the world
will flock to see and wonder.
Let THAT be your new 'Tourism.'
Call back your sons and daughters from afar.
Let them know a place has been prepared,
where their ancient soul can soar.

And let your colorful joy,
your music that
rings above the rooftops,
be the soothing echo of
your fierce, unwavering
determination to hold this
precious piece of property...
for ALL of us,
no matter what...
for evermore.

Let the word go out to
every town and village... every
neighbourhood fair:
claim your own circle, center, square;
and let it be there,
that the revolution speaks
its peace.

Do it now, Egypt; and don't stop
'till it's done,
while you still can,
while fate still
gently calls your name.