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Interviewed: Shareable's Neal Gorenflo on the Real Sharing Economy

April 15, 2015 - 11:14

Neal Gorenflo. (YouTube)

Categories: Economics

How to Free the Soil by Depaving

April 15, 2015 - 07:07

How much thought do you give to pavement? Our cities are covered with it, but it’s not exactly a hot topic of conversation—though it should be. Pavement causes all sorts of problems including the fact that water can’t soak through it and instead runs across it, collecting pollutants and biological contaminants that make their way into waterways, plants, animals, and ourselves.

Categories: Economics

Science of Sharing Exhibit Explores Cooperation, Collaboration

April 13, 2015 - 15:48

On Pier 15 in San Francisco, inside the famed participatory museum the Exploratorium, a large flat screen displays two bright circles—one red, and one blue. Inside each circle are rapidly increasing numbers; at the bottom of the screen is a timer, counting down. In front of the screen, at four podiums, total strangers frantically press either a blue or a red button, attempting, it seems, to up the count of that color. What are they doing?

A placard between the podiums explains:

Categories: Economics

New Zealand Family Shares a Tiny-Home Castle on Wheels

April 13, 2015 - 14:45

The truck unfolds into a spacious three-level home. (Daily Megabyte)

They say a person's home is his castle. But what about their truck? New Zealanders Jola and Justin have done the seemingly impossible, building a road-ready house truck that transforms into a high-ceilinged abode with full kitchen, roof deck, and—yes—a pair of turrets.

Categories: Economics

How to Host a Seed Swap

April 13, 2015 - 07:56

Seed swaps are great ways to learn about local seeds, build community around seed sharing, and show support for the Save Seed Sharing movement. Designed for gardening newbies and master gardeners alike, they provide people an opportunity to get seeds from other local growers and share seeds from their own harvest.

Categories: Economics

10 Steps to a Healthier Community through Social Marketing

April 8, 2015 - 08:01

Community-based social marketing (CBSM) encourages individuals to make life changes that are good for them and their community. Rather than trying to get people to buy cereal or a car, social marketers encourage them to do things like share more, reduce food waste, or stop smoking.

Categories: Economics

Creative Commons Launches Open Business Models Initiative

April 7, 2015 - 06:56

In January, we wrote about Team Open, a project documenting some of the many artists, teachers, and scientists using Creative Commons licenses to share their work. Since then, Creative Commons launched a new project to help entrepreneurs, organizations, and governments use Creative Commons licenses and still generate income.

Categories: Economics

What America’s Most Walkable Suburb Can Teach Towns Everywhere

April 6, 2015 - 05:42

Wide sidewalks and well-marked crosswalks make walking comfortable in Arlington's busy Clarendon district. Photo credit: Arlington County.

Categories: Economics

The Next System Project: Can We Imagine a Future Worth Fighting For?

April 6, 2015 - 05:41

We know that we have big problems: The climate situation is dire, inequality is on the rise, democracy’s been captured by corporations, and we have unprecedented numbers of people locked up in prisons and jails. When we try to chip away at these problems, what often happens is that we take one step forward and two steps back. We try to crack down on predatory mortgage lending with some new regulations and speculative finance decides to just become corporate landlords.

Categories: Economics

Seats2meet Global Conference Explores the Future of Coworking

April 6, 2015 - 05:40

Top image: Seats2Meet Utrecht.

Categories: Economics

Pizza Patrons Donate 10,000 Slices with Shop's Pay It Forward Program

March 30, 2015 - 20:38

After working a computer job on Wall Street for three years, Mason Wartman wanted to try something new. He opened Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Little did he know that his pizza shop would soon help feed local homeless people and receive global attention.

Categories: Economics

Guerrilla Wayfinding Toolkit to Create More Walkable Cities

March 30, 2015 - 20:15

Guerrilla urbanism empowers everyday people to change their surroundings for the better. One branch of the guerrilla urbanism tree -- guerrilla wayfinding -- consists of covertly putting up wayfinding signs directing people to parks, cultural hot spots, music venues, community gardens, shopping plazas, and other walkable destinations.

Categories: Economics

Interviewed: Gustavo Soto Santiesteban on El Buen Vivir & the Commons

March 30, 2015 - 06:20

Gustavo Soto Santiesteban is a writer, semiotician and consultant on indigenous rights at Bolivian universities. Article is cross-posted from The Wealth of the Commons. Photo credit: szeke.

Categories: Economics

Sharing Platform Share N Save Is Now Open Source

March 28, 2015 - 07:21

Matt Scales and Sharon Ede went to Ouishare Fest in Paris last May to present Share N Save, an interactive map of sharing activities in Adelaide, South Australia (SA). While there, Scales, who is Manager for Media, Digital and Brand Delivery at Zero Waste SA, would try to sell or license the platform to other organizations.

Categories: Economics

New (Fake) App Lets Users Share Their Privilege with Those in Need

March 24, 2015 - 06:07

As much flak as the Sharing Economy catches, Silicon Valley gets even more. So, when the two victims of derision collided at Comedy Hack Day last month, much (fake) technological foolery ensued. 

Categories: Economics

Activists Hijack Airbnb for NYC's Homeless

March 23, 2015 - 13:40

Vito Catalani and Jamie Shin took to Airbnb to draw awareness to New York's homelessness problem. (Courtesy Airbnb)

Categories: Economics

Tank-shaped Bookmobile is a Weapon of Mass Instruction

March 23, 2015 - 06:56

A tank rolling around a city might generally be cause for concern—but not this tank. This is the Book Tank, a roving, free library packed with 900 books that elicits waves, laughter, thanks, and smiles as it goes by.

Designed and built by Buenos Aires artist Raul Lemesoff, the Book Tank is a 1979 Ford Falcon that has been converted into a “weapon of mass instruction” bringing books to the Argentine people. Lemesoff drives the tank giving a free book to anyone who promises to read it.

Categories: Economics

How a Credit Union Increases Access to Affordable Financial Services

March 23, 2015 - 06:33

Article and images cross-posted from Written by Katie Parker.

Categories: Economics

5 Free Apps to Swap, Share and Sell Your Extra Stuff

March 20, 2015 - 13:25

Top photo: macinate (CC BY-20)

Categories: Economics