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The Startup Turning Locals Into Entrepreneurs in Cincinnati’s Gentrifying Economy

When neighborhoods develop, longtime residents are often left out of the boom. This incubator helps local entrepreneurs turn big ideas into businesses.
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It's Time to Celebrate Global Sharing Week

Shareable Magazine - June 5, 2016 - 12:09

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with The People Who Share to organize Global Sharing Week. The celebration, which runs from June 5-11, will connect communities across the globe to share resources, create collaborative projects, and bolster commons-based initiatives.

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Daily Digest 6/5 - More Than Five Years of War In Syria, A Suburban Experiment For Free Energy

Chris Martenson - June 5, 2016 - 07:52
  • Panama Papers Reveal How Wealthy Americans Hid Millions Overseas
  • Trump and the Fear of Evil in America
  • Lunch with the FT: James Baker
  • In Syria: More Than Five Years of War
  • Saudi Oil Chief Khalid al-Falih Tells OPEC Changes Are Coming
  • A Suburban Experiment Aims for Free Energy
  • For Driverless Cars, Citylike Test Sites Offer the Unpredictable

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Daily Digest 6/4 - The Structure Of Collapse, The Story Of America's Opioid Addiction

Chris Martenson - June 4, 2016 - 05:51
  • The Structure Of Collapse: 2016-2019
  • China is The Biggest Short...Ever
  • Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’
  • Don’t Panic: Navigating the Next Tech Phenomenon
  • Gold - Major Cycle Lows
  • Jobs Report Huge Miss at 38,000 Jobs Added, Stagnant Real Wages, Shrinking Labor Participation
  • Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years – 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs 
  • The Untold Story of America’s Opioid Addiction

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Grasshopper Nation: Planning For Those Who Aren't Prepared

Chris Martenson - June 3, 2016 - 18:40

Our resources are finite. Most of us don't feel we have all that we require to meet our own needs and goals. And the best-laid preparations of the most planful of us can suddenly become woefully insufficient if too many unexpected family, friends and neighbors show up demanding our charity.

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Daily Digest 6/3 - Good News Friday: Scotland Bans Fracking, Investing In Organics

Chris Martenson - June 3, 2016 - 05:53
  • America’s jobs market has had a great 2016. Will it last?
  • Using CRISPR to Learn How a Body Builds Itself
  • How an Artificial Leaf Could One Day Power Your Car
  • Scotland Bans Fracking, Forever
  • Investing in Organics – a Profitable Endeavor
  • Scientists Discover ‘Reverse Photosynthesis’ — Amazing News for the Environment
  • Farmer is Sweet on Bee Hives As Perfect Fence to Keep Elephants Safely Away
  • What The U.S. Can Learn From China’s New Diet Restrictions

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Why Economists Are Coming Out in Favor of Unconditional Basic Income

Economist Guy Standing says the policy can reverse inequality. It also has an invigorating effect on volunteerism, home ownership, and community strength.
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Off The Cuff: Rolling Over

Chris Martenson - June 2, 2016 - 17:31
  • Rolling Over
    • Auto and trophy homes sales are softening
  • BS From The BLS
    • Its statistics look increasingly falsified
  • Rigged Elections, Rigged Markets
    • We're living with both
  • It's All About The Debt
    • And the system can't take too much more of it

This week Chris and John note with interest the growing number of signs across the corporate landscape that the economy is indeed rolling over. Don't expect to see this supported by the stats issued by government agencies like the BLS, though -- their output is becoming blatantly bastardized with phony 'adjustments', all made to give the impression everything is still rosy.

And while the delusions will continue as long as they can be stretched out by the authorities, Chris and John both expect reality to start intervening shortly -- especially as it relates to the massive debt bubble that has built up.

Click to listen to a sample of this Off the Cuff Podcast or Enroll today to access the full audio and other premium content today.

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A More Relevant and Radical Democratic Platform? Sanders Brings Veteran Activists to the Table

From Cornel West to Bill McKibben, Sanders picks some heavy-hitting social movement leaders for the Democratic National Committee.
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Daily Digest 6/2 - Mangroves In Crisis, The Great Banking Lie

Chris Martenson - June 2, 2016 - 05:52
  • Senate Panel Advances Whistleblower Reforms
  • Britons, Feeling Apart From E.U., May Make It So With ‘Brexit’
  • The Great Banking Lie
  • Market Sitrep: Reach For Yield
  • What Copper Says About the Economy
  • Felix Zulauf: Monetary Stimulation Creates Bubbles, Not Prosperity Nor Growth
  • Jim's Mailbox
  • Payday Loans’ Debt Spiral to Be Curtailed
  • The Price Of Public Money
  • John Rubino talks about artificial intelligence in finance, money creation in various countries and explains why he disagrees with Paul Krugman
  • There Is No Moving Exxon From Its Climate Change Position 
  • Mangroves in Crisis: Why One Man Works to Save the Plants That Fight Climate Disruption

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Why The Fed’s Efforts Will End Badly

Chris Martenson - June 1, 2016 - 11:26

It’s no secret that I've taken the contrarian position for seven long (and frequently frustrating) years.

Look, we’ve been down this road before, and the sheer stupidity of our current situation is that we’ve been down it recently enough to know better.  It worked out poorly for us in 2000, again in 2008, and will soon enough again. That's why I'm currently short the US stock market and plan to increase that short position as time goes on.

I'm quite familiar with, and even sympathetic to, the idea that the central banks will not...

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No Need for Uber after the Club. In Seoul, You Hail a Vanpool for Partiers.

Shareable Magazine - June 1, 2016 - 07:42

Uber's explosive growth is partly fueled by meeting some underserved needs including getting people home from nightclubs in the wee hours of the morning. With a shortage of cabs in many cities at that time, a convenient ridesharing app becomes an appealing option.

In Seoul, however, a new nighttime vanpool service named Callbus is filling this need to get late-night partygoers home safely.

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5 Innovative Solutions to Food Deserts

Shareable Magazine - June 1, 2016 - 07:09

Food deserts are places where it is difficult to buy fresh food. Defined by the USDA as "parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas," food deserts are largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers markets, and healthy food providers.

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The First Little Free Pantry Pops Up in Arkansas Inspired by Little Free Libraries

Shareable Magazine - June 1, 2016 - 07:06

Riffing on the thriving Little Free Library movement, one woman in Fayetteville, Arkansas has started the first Little Free Pantry.

Jessica McClard’s idea is simple: rather than leaving or taking a book, people leave and take non-perishable food and household goods, including toothpaste, garbage bags, deodorant and toilet paper. Those with surplus supplies leave them and those in need are welcome to take them.

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Daily Digest 6/1 - Foreign Workers Trapped By Debts In Gulf, Entitlements Are Crowding Out Savings

Chris Martenson - June 1, 2016 - 05:24
  • Alan Greenspan: Entitlements are crowding out savings
  • Japan’s dependency ratio worsening
  • Pew report: CT deep in debt, even considering its high income
  • Gulf economic slowdown sees foreign workers trapped by debts
  • Downgrade Threat Drives South African Companies From Bond Market
  • Illinois lawmakers near session's end without state budget - again
  • Trade deficit narrows, but Australian foreign debt hits fresh record
  • Bank of Italy calls for state intervention in bank crises
  • Risky Reprise of Debt Binge Stars U.S. Companies Not Consumers
  • Olympic Host Rio Has Debt Paid by Brazil as States Struggle
  • Missed Rio payment 'credit negative' for all Brazilian states: Moody's
  • More in Debt Than Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands Rejects Rescue
  • Tax hike delay signals Japan giving up on fiscal reform

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What If Trade Agreements Helped People, Not Corporations?

Current trade agreements have been of, by, and for transnational corporations. Growing opposition gives us the opportunity to change that in our next-generation agreements.
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All About Parsnips

Chris Martenson - May 31, 2016 - 15:57

Parsnips are not typically found in home gardens, but they should be. Parsnips are root vegetables, related to carrots, but larger, and white in color. They are more cold hardy than carrots, and have a slightly stronger taste, and smell. I actually like parsnips better than carrots when cooked, as they are sweeter, and I prefer the smell of fresh parsnips to carrots.

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Interviewed: Stocksy's Brianna Wettlaufer and Nuno Silva on Building a Cooperative Stock Photo Platform

Shareable Magazine - May 31, 2016 - 09:16

Silhouette of a skateboarder. (Isaiah & Taylor Photography / Stocksy)

Like so many other industries involved in the contemporary "gig economy," stock photography has become, for many freelance photographers, a race to the bottom. As commercial platforms encourage competition among contributors to offset overhead costs, photographers must choose between an unsustainable wage and no wage at all—and clients pay a price in reduced access to high-quality materials.

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Queer, Person of Color, or Low-Income; Is Cohousing Possible for Me?

Shareable Magazine - May 31, 2016 - 07:36

Photo: Aitch Muirhead and Shira Frank, a trans man and his spouse, who live at Wasatch Commons in Salt Lake City.

Article by Cynthia Dettman, cross-posted from the Fellowship for Intentional Community.

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