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Berlin's Holzmarkt Shows the Incredible Potential of Urban Villages

Shareable Magazine - August 23, 2017 - 12:25

Creative placemaking — a concept that employs a specific strategy to infuse the arts and culture into a space — can be seen in different forms all around the world.

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WATCH LIVE: The Health Effect Webinar

Chris Martenson - August 23, 2017 - 08:55

Today's webinar The Health Effect, featuring Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser, is free to's enrolled members.

To watch it live, click the blue button below:

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Volunteer with a global federation of local currencies - in amazing locations!

Matslats - August 23, 2017 - 06:29

The new Credit Commons Collective (CCC) is looking for 4 volunteers to work for a minimum of 3 days a week for a minimum of 2 months each. The CCC is a non-profit federation of organisations that host over 300 local currencies worldwide. This Federation currently works entirely with volunteers, serving over 20,000 users. But now we want to scale up massively...

The opportunity is for those who can work in Athens in October and November and/or Bali (Ubud) in January and February, for a minimum of 2 months. Additional months can be done remotely. In either locations, the volunteers will work closely with Matthew Slater, the cofounder of the CCC and Community Forge and Professor Jem Bendell. In both locations the volunteers will be provided with a membership of suitable co-working spaces for social entrepreneurs. As it is currently unfunded, all of us working for the CCC are unpaid volunteers. Therefore, the CCC will not be able to cover any other costs, so that laptop, accommodation, food, transportation and insurances will need to be covered by the volunteer themselves.

The volunteers will help us with the following activities:

  • research for various publications
  • researching suitable donors and codrafting proposals
  • analysing and modelling successful volunteer management systems, then establishing such a system and recruiting future volunteers
  • many other CCC activities that emerge

During a typical 3 day week, volunteers will work alongside either Jem or Matthew on each of 1 day a week, as well as at least one other volunteer. The working environment will be dynamic within a suitable coworking space. If you are interested please contact Matthew Slater before September 1st with a CV and a short statement of not more than 300 words describing

  1. what you would bring to the work (see the 4 areas listed above)
  2. what you would want out of it
  3. an email address and phone number of one referee, who is someone who has directly line managed you before
  4. confirmation that you have assessed the costs and practicalities of being in the required location for a minimum 2 months

Due to our limited resources we will not be able to reply to any other than the shortlisted candidates.

Shortlisting will be done by September 3rd and offers made by September 8th and must be accepted by September 12th. The latest start date in Athens is October 7th and the latest start date in Ubud is January 6th.

For background on the philosophy and strategy that inspires the formation of the Credit Commons Collective watch these talks from Matthew and Jem. And see the Credit Commons White Paper. Please email your application by September 1st to matslats at fastmail dot com

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Daily Digest 8/23 - Consequences of Quantitative Easing, Boomer Retirements Drive Up Property Taxes

Chris Martenson - August 23, 2017 - 06:23
  • 50,000 Blue Cross customers are about to get some bad news (North Carolina)
  • Anthem’s exit leaves thousands without health insurance choice in California
  • Baby Boomer retirements drive up property taxes (Illinois)
  • McConnell: ‘America is not going to default’
  • High-Grade U.S. Bonds Run at Fastest Pace Ever Past $1 Trillion
  • The Unintended Consequences of Quantitative Easing
  • Emerging economies await end to ECB largesse with record euro debt

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To Create a Real Sharing Economy, Think Replication — Not Just Scale

Shareable Magazine - August 22, 2017 - 07:40

When I began writing about the sharing economy in 2009, the eclectic array of struggling, communitarian-minded tech start-ups in San Francisco, California, were just one small part of a vast number of sharing innovations that made up what we at Shareable saw as an era-defining transformation in how people create value.

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Daily Digest 8/22 - How Long $1M Retirement Will Last, Abolish The Presidency?

Chris Martenson - August 22, 2017 - 06:39
  • This is how long $1 million will last in retirement
  • The Problem is Bigger Than Trump and Obama — The Presidency Should be Abolished
  • Exclusive: Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family
  • Mnuchin’s Fort Knox Quip: ‘I Assume the Gold Is Still There'
  • Big Science — David Ricardo and Robin Hood of Sherwood, Part Two
  • Inside the new economic science of capitalism’s slow-burn energy collapse
  • Total Eclipse of Sense
  • Despite Sanctions, Qatar Outpaces Saudi Arabia In Economic Growth

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An Easier Way to Get to Universal Health Care

Now is the time to push for better health care. Here are three modest, winnable first steps.
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Better A Year Early Than A Day Too Late

Chris Martenson - August 21, 2017 - 22:42

When it comes, change happens swiftly. And life after -- for better or worse -- is forever different.

I've witnessed this time and time again since co-founding Peak Prosperity. And pretty much every time, I notice that the vast majority of people -- including many of the the watchful and preparation-minded folks who read this site -- are caught by surprise.

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Nurses Join Forces With Labor Union to Launch Healthcare Platform Cooperative

Shareable Magazine - August 21, 2017 - 11:00

With support from the United Health Workers West — a 150,000-member strong union — nurses in California have launched the NursesCan Cooperative to create more opportunities to use their skills in the swiftly-changing healthcare industry.

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Daily Digest 8/21 - Unmasking The Antifa Movement, Could Bitcoin Tech Help Stabilize Oil Prices?

Chris Martenson - August 21, 2017 - 07:26
  • Barcelona attack suspect still sought as investigation expands to other countries
  • Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement
  • Finland knife attacker 'targeted women'
  • Illinois Senate passes measure calling for neo-Nazis to be classified as terror groups
  • The Entire Medical Industry Is About to Change
  • Get out of the office, see the eclipse
  • Could The Tech Behind Bitcoin Help Stabilize Oil Prices?
  • A New Clinical Trial Shows Potential Long-Term Relief From Peanut Allergies

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Scott Cahill: Collapse Risk At The Oroville Dam Is Still Unacceptably High

Chris Martenson - August 20, 2017 - 14:20

Remember the crisis earlier this year at the Oroville Dam? 

The overflow from California's winter of heavy rain threatened to overpower our country's tallest dam. A cascading failure of the dam's main gates, its primarily spillway AND its emergency spillway had the world watching hour by hour to see if a catastrophic breach was going to occur.

Fortunately, the rains stopped long enough for the situation to be brought under control. The dam remains in place and repair crews have been working all spring and summer.

But should we breathe easy at this point? Not at all, says dam safety expert Scott Cahill. 

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Daily Digest 8/19 - Cashless Kids, Neonicotinoids Reduce Bees’ Ability to Lay Eggs

Chris Martenson - August 19, 2017 - 08:13
  • Millennials are financing everything from bed sheets to concert tickets
  • Cashless kids: Is tap-and-go technology promoting financial illiteracy?
  • The Rise of the Violent Left
  • Silver Cycles and War Cycles
  • Bitcoin Bear Peter Schiff Doubles Down: Even at $4,000 It's Still a 'Bubble'
  • Can Police Prevent the Next Charlottesville?
  • New surface is so slippery, shellfish can’t get a grip
  • Neonicotinoids Reduce Bees’ Ability to Lay Eggs

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Rescuing Our Future

Chris Martenson - August 18, 2017 - 15:13
Executive Summary
  • The Destructive Practices To Stop Doing
  • The Regenerative Behaviors To Do More Of
  • Getting The Foundational Pieces In Place
  • The Payoff, For Both You & Society

If you have not yet read Part 1: We Need a Social Revolution available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

In Part 1, we compared non-hierarchical, bottoms-up secular social revolutions with hierarchical, top-down political and technological revolutions managed by the state and corporate sector.  Next, we surveyed the erosion of social connectedness and social capital, and asked who benefited from this fraying of the social order.  While certain players derive some benefit from political divisiveness and from the sale of technologies that undermine authentic connectedness, it seems that much of the social-order decay is collateral damage—destruction that wasn’t intentional.

How can we strengthen or repair our own connections and social fabric in such a disintegrative era?

There are two basic approaches: stop participating in destructive dynamics, and assemble the foundational pieces of a connected social life.

How do we as individuals and households foster and nurture the social bonds that are fast-eroding in civil society?

The basic strategies are not difficult to understand, though they are extremely difficult to put in place in modern-day America:

  • Strip out busyness to free up enough time and energy for social life and connectedness.
  • Live in a place with short commutes to friends, family and public social spaces.
  • Recognize (and then.....

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We Need A Social Revolution

Chris Martenson - August 18, 2017 - 15:12

Governments and corporations cannot restore social connectedness and balance to our lives.

Only a social revolution that is self-organizing from the bottom-up can do that.

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Daily Digest 8/18 - Good News Friday: Torches Replaced By Candlelight, Preparing For The Eclipse

Chris Martenson - August 18, 2017 - 04:48
  • Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacists in Charlottesville
  • Torches Replaced By Candlelight As Thousands Gather For Charlottesville Vigil
  • Our Minds Have Been Hijacked By Our Phones. Tristan Harris Wants To Rescue Them
  • Hudson County to pay $70K to probe deaths of jail inmates
  • ACLU Will No Longer Defend Hate Groups Protesting With Firearms
  • A tour of our solar system’s eclipses
  • Preparing for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
  • Tales From The Shadow Of The Moon

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Off The Cuff: The End Of The Easy Money Era

Chris Martenson - August 17, 2017 - 15:29

In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Wolf Richter discuss:

  • Growing Signs Of Recession
    • Autos, retail, restaurants...
  • Dark Times For Commercial Real Estate
    • Bad enough that the Fed is worried
  • The Retail Hosing Market Is Popping
    • Toronto as a case study
  • The End Of The Easy Money Era
    • It's legacy: way too many over-leveraged victims

Suddenly, the tranquil seas long enjoyed by the markets have turned turbulent. Chris and Wolf react to the sudden volatility returning to stocks, the growing flood of recessionary indicators, the recent Fed statement, and the signs that the real estate market may have finally indeed topped out.

Click to listen to a sample of this Off the Cuff Podcast or Enroll today to access the full audio and other premium content today.

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Daily Digest 8/17 - Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash, How Arsenic Is Poisoning A Nation

Chris Martenson - August 17, 2017 - 08:03
  • Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash
  • Are China And India On The Brink Of War In The Himalayas?
  • Bank of America Warns of an ‘Ominous’ Sign for Stocks
  • Rogoff, Orwell and Kafka
  • Broadening Internal Dispersion
  • U.S. cities step up removal of Confederate statues, despite Virginia violence
  • The Growing List of Money Managers Cutting Their Exposure to Junk Bonds
  • Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver and Shirts
  • The Single Biggest Bullish Catalyst For Oil 
  • How Arsenic Is Poisoning A Nation

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Could the Marijuana Industry Bring Public Banking to California?

Shareable Magazine - August 16, 2017 - 12:59

Marijuana-related businesses in California could play a role in shaking up the U.S. banking sector. Earlier this month, California's state treasurer John Chiang called a meeting to explore the issue of banking access for businesses in the marijuana industry — and the possibility of doing it through a publicly-owned bank.

Chiang said that interest in public banking was gaining traction due to "a deep public dissatisfaction with our private banking system."

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I Just Added To My Short Position

Chris Martenson - August 16, 2017 - 11:01

Last year, I detailed out my personal investments in the report How My Portfolio Is Positioned Right Now. It turned out to be one of our most popular articles over the past few years.

In it, I mentioned that I'll do my best to update our subscribers when I make a material change to my portfolio allocation.

Well, I just did.

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